Year in Review

2019 was a tremendous year with so much work done by the government of Alberta

MLA Joseph Schow of Cardston-Siksika reflected on the year in a video posted on Facebook by United Conservative Party Caucus.


The highlight from MLA Schow’s first session of 2019 was the Job Creation Tax Cut. Alberta has the lowest corporate tax rate in Canada, and by 2022, Alberta’s combined federal-provincial business tax rate will be lower than that of 44 U.S. states.

“Businesses across southern Alberta were hurting. They needed some help and the Job Creation Tax Cut, cut the corporation tax from 12% to 8% which means making life better and easier for small businesses,” said MLA Schow. “That’s what makes up Cardston-Siksika and I was really proud to stand up and vote in favour of that.

He also said the highlight from the second session was Bill 26, the Farm Freedom and Safety Act. The bill addresses how employment standards, workers’ compensation, labour relations, and occupational health and safety laws apply to farms and ranches.

“We have world class products here — farmers and ranchers need to feel like they’re being protected and supported by their government.”

“I was very proud to stand up and vote for that. We consulted across the province and we got the job done. It was a promise made, it was a promise kept.”

The work is not over yet, and MLA Schow is looking forward to the work that will continue in 2020.

“There are well over 300 campaign commitments that we have to fulfill. I look forward to the new year and being part of this government, as we work together to create prosperity for Albertans.”