Public Health Act: Forced Immunizations

The Select Special Public Health Act Review Committee consists of 12 members of the Legislative Assembly. The Committee has been appointed to review the Public Health Act and it may limit its review to sections of the Act that it selects for consideration. The Committee must submit its report to the Assembly, including any recommendations for amendments to the Act, within four months after commencing its review.


  • The Public Health Act was first introduced in 1910.
  • Section 38.1(c) was added to the Public Health Act on April 6, 1984 in Bill 25 by MLA Janet Koper. 
  • Section 38.1(c) gives the Lieutenant Governor in Council the authority to forcibly immunize or re-immunize a person. (See below)
  • Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, supports removing forced immunizations from the Public Health Act. (See video HERE.)

Order of Lieutenant Governor in Council

38(1) Where the Lieutenant Governor in Council is satisfied that a
communicable disease referred to in section 20(1) has become or
may become epidemic or that a public health emergency exists, the
Lieutenant Governor in Council may do any or all of the following:

(c) in the case of a communicable disease, order the
immunization or re-immunization of persons who are not
then immunized against the disease or who do not have
sufficient other evidence of immunity to the disease.


We, the undersigned, citizens of Alberta, call upon members of the Select Special Public Health Act Review Committee to:

1. Recommend the government remove section 38.1(c) from the Public Health Act. 


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