Bill 8: Renewing Education

After many long days and nights sitting in legislature, the UCP government passed Bill 8- the Education Amendment Act, making life better for students, parents, and teachers.

The Bill allows the government to work with parent, teachers, principals, and trustees to make Alberta’s schools the diverse, excellent classrooms that all Albertans desire and deserve.

The government affirms that parents have primary responsibility for the education of their children, and that parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Cardston-Siksika MLA Joseph Schow was adamant on seeing the Bill pass as many of his constituents expressed their concerns with the NDP’s take on education.

“I think Bill 8 is a measure to ensure kids stay with school. That was a promise we made to all Albertans in the election campaign. All Albertans who go to school deserve a safe environment where they can learn and get a good education and prepare themselves for the next phase of their life. I think Bill 8 certainly reinforces that,” said Schow.

Under the NDP, class sizes in Alberta increased and test scores declined. Unlike the NDP’s curriculum review, conducted largely in secret, the Education Act resulted from years of widespread public consultation.

The UCP government believes that curriculum reform should begin by determining the key knowledge and skills that Alberta students should possess by the time of their high school matriculation, written in plain language that students, parents, and teachers can understand.

“What I have heard from my constituents is that they are very happy with Bill 8 and the direction we have chosen to go to ensure safety in school and to make sure school is a place where kids get a great education,” said Schow.